PurWater system

purwaterThe PurWater system is a perfect combination of function and form, incorporating the versatility of variable Frequency Drive Technology operated by a Programmable Logic Controller.

The patent pending PurWater Succession Self Purging™ Filtration Technology is a totally physical process that eliminates the need and ongoing expense of antiquated bag or disposable filters while providing the Operator with a consistent production of optimum engineered certified 5 micron product water for his or her specific wash application.

The PurWater system has also successfully addressed the issues of odor typically associated with reclaiming wash water utilizing the same innovative thinking that has become synonymous with the New Wave name. The PurWater system offers several options for odor control starting with our exclusive patent pending chemical-free Air Sparger™ Odor Control system, Enzyme or Ozone systems.



purcleanPurClean is the professional’s choice for delivering a spot-free car wash, every time. The PurClean system utilizes the process of reverse osmosis to eliminate the mineral content in the water. Manufactured with only the finest quality components and our unique Patent Pending (Water Stabilizer™) pre-treatment system, the PurClean Spot-Free Rinse system addresses water hardness, operates efficiently and cost effectively while eliminating the need and upfront cost of a water softener as well as the ongoing expense of softener salt. The PurClean systems effective use of pure mineral-free water delivered to the vehicle as a final rinse allows the entire vehicle to dry perfectly spot-free eliminating the need to costly and time-consuming hand drying.